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Letting the Light In
Transforming Your Pain into Power

CDN Retail: $18.50
Product Code: 9780738719733
Author: Berk, Philip M.
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide


  How do you create the most powerfully fulfilling life? Go where the pain is and come through on the other side. In Letting the Light In, Philip M. Berk shows us how to use life's darkest moments to cultivate the deepest rewards. Diagnosed with cancer in 2005, Berk offers a powerful personal account of his healing journey. Through seven easy-to-understand lessons, he describes how he transformed a difficult experience into a powerful catalyst for a better and more meaningful life.

Berk weaves together a treasury of ancient and modern spiritual wisdom along with his personal healing story. Anyone dealing with illness or looking for a clear perspective on life will find inspiration and practical wisdom in this guide.