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Financial Recovery
Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money

CDN Retail: $24.50
Product Code: 9781577319283
Author: McCall, Karen & Bradshaw, John
Vendor: New World Library


  Financial Recovery provides a breakthrough process for replacing financial anxiety with a foundation of fulfillment and security.

Whether you are suffering under crushing debt, unable to save money, or caught in the tangle of inherited wealth, Karen McCall's book offers a time-tested plan for building a stable and satisfying way of life - and keeping it that way. It will help you make a fundamental shift in the way you understand and behave around money.

Forget budgets that don't work, quick fixes that fail, and yo-yo debting. Financial Recovery presents a simple system that enables you to discover your underlying attitudes about money - often the cause of self-defeating money behaviours such as overspending, chronic debt, underearning and low or no savings - and provides the tools, strategies and support to achieve financial well-being.

Karen McCall has more than twenty years of experience counseling people from all walks of life - people with millions of dollars, people with very little, and people whose means are somewhere in between. Financial Recovery will help you develop, and then maintain, full awareness of your spending, earning and saving activities. It offers strategies for adapting your behaviour to meet your most compelling needs, whatever your means. You can start right away using the resources you already have to create a stable and fulfilling relationship with money.