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New Trinity
Your Secular Pathway to Personal Spirituality

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Author: Burch, Jack J.
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  For thousands of years, the spiritual term "Trinity" has been widely recognized as the foundation of a formidable religious life. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are deeply engraved in the spiritual psyche of western culture, so much so that to think of them in any other context would require a new, liberating source of spiritual enlightenment - from within.

Author Jack J. Burch helps spiritual seekers discover a new identity for themselves in The New Trinity. This groundbreaking book redefines the concept and illustrates the marvelous capability humans have in discriminating their choices and exercising their free will to create an enlightened universe.

Once the new Trinity is embraced, it becomes clear that the source has shifted from outside the body to within. The three elements are (1) the CONSCIOUS you, (2) the GENERATIVE SOURCE of all things, and (3) the EXPERIENTIAL world. The human soul is the all-important component in this Trinity, because the source cannot do it alone. Here the term "Generative Principle" is introduced as the spiritual source that together with consciousness and experience, constitute the New Trinity that establishes the strong spiritual foundation for today.