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Awakening Mystical Consciousness

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Product Code: 9781889051840
Author: Goldsmith, Joel S.
Vendor: DeVorss


  The timeless words of Joel Goldsmith have provided comfort to individuals from generation to generation who ultimately reach a defining moment in life when, frustrated by their inability to find inner peace, they surrender and ask, "How can I experience a spiritual life in a material world?" Blending insightfulness with a refreshing simplicity of approach, Awakening Mystical Consciousness provides essential principles that enable readers to cope with the personal, community, national and global problems that wear down the soul such as physical well-being, relationships, financial setbacks and limitations. Special emphasis is then placed on attaining a consciousness of spiritual empowerment that overcomes and soothes the common fears engulfing our world. From this enlightenment comes the opportunity to awaken and embrace the inner peace and spiritual power that brings in its wake personal wholeness and world stability.