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Ego (Hardcover)
The Fall of the Twin Towers and the Rise of an Enlightened Humanity

CDN Retail: $34.99
Product Code: 9781604075731
Author: Baumann, Peter & Taft, M. W.
Vendor: Sounds True


  Albert Einstein claims that our experience of being separate from nature and humanity is due to "an illusion of consciousness" that traps us in a mental prison. Given the trajectory of human evolution, there is evidence that we're in the midst of a species-wide shift out of this collective delusion. This is the bold idea of Peter Baumann's new book, a challenging exploration of the social and evolutionary trends that are signaling the approach of a turning point for the human species. Focusing on scientific and evolutionary insights Baumann investigates:
  • A new understanding of enlightenment and why it is the next inevitable phase in human evolution How our decisions emerge from subconscious processing, and are not the work of a conscious self
  • The hidden limits of conceptual orientation and how the capacity for conscious awareness will overcome them
  • The purpose of emotions and how they influence our daily lives
  • The new individuality - what it will mean to live in the coming "post-conceptual" age, and much more.

With Ego: The Fall of the Twin Towers and the Rise of an Enlightened Human, Peter Baumann makes a provocative case that we are reaching the end of the era of separateness and entering an epochal shift of human awareness - one that will transform the way that we and future generations experience life.