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7 Energies of the Soul
Awaken Your Inner Creator, Healer, Warrior, Lover, Artist, Explorer, and Master
Gandelman, David
CDN Retail: $26.99
9781950253197 | Hierophant Publishing

Awakening the Planetary Mind
Beyond the Trauma of the Past to a New Era of Creativity
Hand Clow, Barbara
CDN Retail: $22.00
9781591431343 | Inner Traditions

Body Mandala
Posture, Perception, and Presence
Bond, Mary & Myers, Thomas
CDN Retail: $31.50 | ITO
9781644118825 | Inner Traditions
Divine Frequency (January 2025)
Abrams, Abiola
CDN Retail: $23.99
9781401972912 | Hay House

Earth Frequency
Sacred Sites, Vortexes, Earth Chakras, and Other Transformational Places
Alvarez, Melissa
CDN Retail: $36.99
9780738754451 | Llewellyn Worldwide

Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine
A Comprehensive Reference to Healing Modalities from Acupressure to Zero Balancing
Thomas, Linnie
CDN Retail: $47.99
9780738774220 | Llewellyn Worldwide

Energetic Boundaries. 1st Edition
How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life
Dale, Cyndi
CDN Retail: $23.50
9781604075618 | Sounds True

Energy Rules
Deflect Negative Vibrations and Own Your Energy
Svirinskaya, Alla
CDN Retail: $24.99
9781401973216 | Hay House

Energy Work
The Secrets of Healing and Spiritual Growth
Bruce, Robert
CDN Retail: $23.95 | ITO
9781571746658 | Hampton Roads
From Conception to Birth
Chapman, Cathy
CDN Retail: $22.35 | ITO
9781622330652 | Light Technology
Gaia (Hardcover), Updated Edition
Body & Soul
Salerno, Toni Carmine
CDN Retail: $35.95 | ITO
9780738742571 | Blue Angel
Heal the Water (October 2024)
Energy Medicine to Restore Our Most Precious Resource
Robinette, Catharine
CDN Retail: $26.99
9780738774626 | Llewellyn Worldwide

Hidden Messages In Water
Emoto, Masaru
CDN Retail: $25.99
0743289803 | Simon & Schuster

Hidden Power of Emotions
How to Activate Your Energy Field and Transform Your Life
Dean, Melanie
CDN Retail: $22.99 | ITO
9781401958077 | Hay House
Little Book of Energy Medicine
The Essential Guide to Balancing Your Body's Energies
Eden, Donna & Dahlin, Dondi
CDN Retail: $22.00
9781585429318 | J P Tarcher

Missing Element, Hidden Strength
Apply the Natural Strength of All Five Elements to Unlock Your Full Creative Potential
Morris, Tisha
CDN Retail: $24.99
9780738771014 | Llewellyn Worldwide

Mystery of Life Energy (April 2024)
Biofield Healing, Phantom Limbs, Group Energetics, and Gaia Consciousness
Leskowitz, Eric & Feinstein, D.
CDN Retail: $29.99
9781591434863 | Inner Traditions

Nine Ways to Charm a Dryad
A Magical Adventure to Connect with the Spirit of Trees
Billington, Penny
CDN Retail: $27.99
9780738768755 | Llewellyn Worldwide

Path of Emotions
Transform Emotions into Energy to Achieve Your Greatest Potential
Andrews, Synthia & Marsaa, Iona
CDN Retail: $26.95 | ITO
9781601632388 | Career Books
Protect Your Light
A Practical Guide to Energy Protection, Cleansing, and Cutting Cords
Lizos, George & Cooper, Diana
CDN Retail: $25.95
9781642970432 | Hampton Roads

Raise Your Frequency and Manifest Abundance (November 2024)
A Guide for Empaths, Intuitives, and Sensitives
Dillard, Sherrie
CDN Retail: $26.99
9780738777351 | Llewellyn Worldwide

Root Chakra
Your First Energy Center Simplified + Applied
Dale, Cyndi
CDN Retail: $23.99
9780738772691 | Llewellyn Worldwide

Spiritual Activator (Hardcover)
5 Steps to Clearing, Unblocking, and Protecting Your Energy to Attract More Love, Joy, and Purpose
Nino, Oliver
CDN Retail: $33.99
9781401967710 | Hay House

Spiritual Activator (September 2024)
5 Steps to Clearing, Unblocking, and Protecting Your Energy to Attract More Love, Joy, and Purpose
Nino, Oliver
CDN Retail: $22.99
9781401974022 | Hay House

Spiritual Clearing
Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life
Burney, Diana
CDN Retail: $21.00
9781556438158 | North Atlantic Books

Subtle Energy Techniques
Dale, Cyndi
CDN Retail: $23.99 | ITO
9780738751610 | Llewellyn Worldwide
Subtle Energy Work
Meditative Exercises for Healing, Self-Care, and Inner Balance
Andres, Synthia
CDN Retail: $31.95 | ITO
9781637480083 | Red Wheel/Weiser
Tapping (May 2024)
Self-Healing with the Transformative Power of Energy Psychology
Eden, Donna
CDN Retail: $34.99
9781683649960 | Sounds True

Touch For Health Pocket Reference Folio
Thie, John
CDN Retail: $29.00
0875167756 | DeVorss

Water Crystal Healing (Hardcover)
Music & Images To Restore Your Well-being
Emoto, Masaru
CDN Retail: $43.00 | ITO
1582701563 | Simon & Schuster
Move into Energy Balance through Meditation, the Chakras, the Five Elements & Feng Shui
Henry, Jill
CDN Retail: $26.99
9780738771823 | Llewellyn Worldwide