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Angels and Archangels (6CD's) (August 2020)
A Magician's Guide

CDN Retail: $38.99
Product Code: 9781683643029
Author: Echols, Damien
Vendor: Sounds True



With Angels and Archangels, this bestselling author combines his unique blend of hard-won experience and scholarship to create a breakthrough guide to understanding what angels are, how they make themselves available, and magickal practices to invoke their power to transform your life.

Damien Echols has helped ignite a wave of new interest in magick - the Western path of spiritual growth and awakening. Here Echols clears away the cultural confusion and misrepresentation of angels to provide a lucid and practical set of tools for working with these timeless forces for divine wisdom and healing power.

When Echols was wrongly convicted of murder as part of the West Memphis Three case, he had every reason to reject angels as being part of the dogma his persecutors wielded against him. "Never in a million years did I think that one day I would have a passion for the subject of angels," he says. "Yet these days, nearly every act of magick I perform involves evoking angels. Because angel magick works. Always. I've never found any other form of magick that comes close."