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Healthy Motherhood Journal (March 2021)
Practices, Prompts, and Support for Women in Baby's First Year

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Product Code: 9781683644866
Author: Sears, Martha, RN
Vendor: Sounds True



Bringing a new life into the world cracks your heart wide open. The feelings of bliss and unconditional love are real - and so are the feelings of fear, exhaustion, and overwhelm. With all the focus on your new baby, it's important to remember that you are transforming and growing, too.

This is why The Healthy Motherhood Journal is not your average baby book - it's a journal for you, the mom, during your first year with a new baby. Each chapter centers on a theme common to new motherhood: your new identity, co-parenting, your relationship with your body, and more. There are also self-care check-ins, nourishment tips, recipes, meditations, affirmations, and advice drawn from decades of experience.

Written by the mother and daughters of the Sears family, renowned for their work with attachment parenting, this journal will empower you to connect more deeply with yourself as you navigate your first year of motherhood - and all the complexities, joys, challenges, sacrifice, self-discovery, and fulfillment it brings.