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First Nations Crystal Healing (October 2021)
Working with the Teachers of the Mineral Kingdom

CDN Retail: $24.99
Product Code: 9781591434276
Author: Blue Eagle, Luke
Vendor: Inner Traditions



Shares crystal and gemstone wisdom and healing techniques passed down through countless generations of indigenous medicine people.

With the permission of his elders and teachers, Luke Blue Eagle explores the healing uses of 40 important crystals and stones. He also details safe and effective healing techniques, including how to make crystal essences, how to program a crystal, and how to purify the energy centers or perform a healing treatment with clear quartz crystal. Presenting an authentic guide to First Nations wisdom for working with the teachers of the mineral kingdom, Blue Eagle shows that, by forming respectful relationships with crystals and stones, we can not only amplify healing energies and intentions but also bring ourselves back into harmony with Mother Earth.