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Fortune Tarot Coins

CDN Retail: $48.00
Product Code: 725272730706
Author: Oswald, Kelly
Vendor: KO Publishing



Tap into your intuition to use The Fortune Tarot Coin in any way that feels right. Use your intuition and your imagination to add these coins to any type of Oracle reading.

Pull one coin from the bag, or shake them up and let them go!

There are no "rules"with these seemingly magical tokens of the 22 Major Arcana, they can be used to choose a significator, as guidance for your day, or playfully as a game. There are designed to be an add-on or a stand-alone in your metaphysical adventure. They are meant to be strong, real and solid in their ancient rooted meanings.

The box includes: 22 Metal Major Arcana Tokens, 2 blanks, velvet bag, and instructions.