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Whiskey & Tonic

CDN Retail: $15.50
Product Code: 0738710555
Author: Wright, Nina
Vendor: Midnight Ink



Everybody in Magnet Springs is in on the not-so-secret curse of the Miss Blossom pageant. Everybody, that is, except Whiskey Mattimoe - full-time real estate agent, parttime sleuth, and long-suffering owner of Abra, her willful and sometimes felonious Afghan hound. Any hope that Abra has reformed her purse-snatching ways is dashed when the dog disappears with the bejeweled Miss Blossom tiara, a priceless heirloom insured for more than Whiskey's net worth. That's bad enough, but what Whiskey learns next chills her to the bone: every Miss Blossom must leave town or die. It would be a lot easier to laugh off the curse if it didn't keep coming true.

When the new Miss Blossom lands in the hospital and the former Miss Blossom turns up dead, Whiskey's got to catch a cold-blooded killer - before the latest Miss Blossom is pushing up daisies.