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Murder in Vein
A Fang-in-Cheek Mystery

CDN Retail: $16.95
Product Code: 9780738723112
Author: Jaffarian, Sue Ann
Vendor: Midnight Ink


  The sight of the blood-covered fangs exploded from her deep memory like a ball through a plate glass window. The man had bitten Bobby, torn into him like a barbequed rib on the Fourth of July.

Women are going missing in Los Angeles. Two have been found mutilated and dead. And Madison Rose would have been the next victim if it hadn't been for Doug and Dodi Dedham. They saved her life that terrible night. And that's how she discovered what the harmless-looking, gray-haired couple really were: vampires.

Incredulous, terrified and reluctantly fascinated, Madison gradually learns about the vampire way of life, and how the killer is putting their peaceful community at risk by posing as one of them. Despite the obvious danger, Madison helps the Dedhams and LAPD Detective Notchey piece together the clues to catch the killer. And there's a high price to pay if she dares to reveal their existence - her life.